About Us

Our company was founded in 2002 by highly experienced Linux server administrators. Today we manage our own servers, powered by SSD disks, 8-16 Intel CPU cores, and 32 GB RAM, connected to high performance 2000 Gbps Internet backbone networks. Our fast servers and years of experience allow us to provide reliable and fast web hosting that suits your personal or business requirements.

We have partnered with the top dedicated and cloud server providers around the world to ensure the maximum uptime for your sites. We own servers located in several different datacenters in USA, Canada, Europe and Australia, powered by Softlayer, Hetzner, Wholesale Internet, OVH, Digital Ocean, Otenet, Exigent, and many others. Your sites are mirrored across these different datacenters and providers. If one provider for any reason goes down (which is very rare), we will load your account onto another one of our servers, collocated by another nearby provider. This happens quickly and ensures that your site remains online. We never rely on only one provider for hosting your website.

Choose from 12 datacenter locations

You can choose any of the following datacenter locations for your hosting account

New York, USA

Montréal, Canada

London, United Kingdom

Paris, France

Strasbourg, France

Madrid, Spain

Milan, Italy

Warsaw, Poland

Frankfurt, Germany

Stuttgart, Germany

Helsinki, Finland

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