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How can I reboot my VPS using my web browser?
1) Visit SolusVM ( ) and login with your username and password2) Select your VPS3) Click RebootThe reboot process will be complete within 1-2 minutes. 
How can I reinstall an operating system on my VPS?
1) Visit SolusVM ( ) and login with your username and password2) Select your VPS3) Click Reinstall4) Select the operating system you want to installPlease ke...
How to solve: cPanel update failure: ***** FATAL: Cannot proceed. Needed system RPMs were not installed
On your VPS or dedicated server running CloudLinux (or CentOS switched to CloudLinux) you may find this problem while trying to upgrade your cPanel to the newest version:   [20130322.110359] Er...
I lost the root password of my VPS. How can I reset it?
1) Visit SolusVM ( ) and login with your username and password. The username and password for your SolusVM account was sent to you via e-mail when the VPS wa...
How can I view the free disk space on my VPS, using SSH?
To view the free disk space using SSH, run the following command: df -h
How can I verify that my VPS has available the CPU cores you advertise?
On Linux VPS:In your SSH, run as root the following command: cat /proc/cpuinfoand see the number of processors. Please note that on Linux systems the core count starts from zero. So if the c...
How can I reboot my VPS from SSH?
To reboot your VPS using SSH, run as root the following command: reboot
How can I monitor the network traffic on my Linux VPS?
A great tool to monitor the traffic of the network cards on your VPS and find possibly suspicious activity, is the iptraf application. To install it on CentOS or Fedora, run in your root SSH the ...
How can I install ImageMagick on my VPS?
Το install ImageMagick on your VPS, run as root this command in SSH:For Debian or Ubuntu:apt-get install imagemagickFor Centos or Fedora:yum install ImageMagick
How to repair and rebuild Perl on a cPanel server
There are some cases where Perl becomes corrupt on servers with cPanel. To fix it run the following commands as root:  cd /usr/local/srcwget -...
How to install RHEL EPEL repository on Centos 5.x or 6.x
The following article will guide you to install Fedora Epel repos on a CentOS 5.x-based or Centos 6.x-based  system. These package repositories are not officially supported by CentOS, but they pr...
Install Clam Antivirus on Ubuntu VPS/Dedicated Server
To install Clam Antivirus on your VPS or Dedicated server with Ubuntu Linux, log in to SSH and type this command: sudo apt-get install clamav After installation is complete, update the virus definit...
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