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With our multilocation plan that is ideal for PBN hosting, you get 5 cPanel accounts, each of them on different A-class IP ranges (each IP range is completely different to the others, from the first to the last segment), on 5 powerful servers in different countries:
New York USA, Montreal Canada, Frankfurt Germany, Paris France, London United Kingdom.
These 5 hosting accounts are provided with 10 GB total disk space and 1000 GB total monthly traffic, allowed to create unlimited addon domains, subdomains, MySQL databases and include cPanel control panel, Softaculous scripts installer, FFMPEG PHP, Free certificates (HTTPS).

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What makes this plan different?

- Each of the 5 cPanel accounts is hosted on an entirely different IP range, server and country.

- Our servers are fast, and a fast loading site is essential for high traffic and search engine rankings

- Each of the 5 cPanel accounts has nameservers on separate whitelabel nameserver domains, so it doesn't appear anywhere that they are hosted with the same hosting company

- You can conveniently manage all accounts from one client area (cPanel access, account renewals, support tickets etc.)

- The price is lower, compared to the total amount that you would be paying for getting VPS or shared hosting accounts with the same disk space and bandwidth, from 5 different providers

The 5 accounts in this plan are provided with the following features:
Softaculous scripts installer
FFMPEG, mencoder, mplayer, flvtool2, MP4BOX2, FFMPEG-PHP: Run your own video hosting/conversion site
Unlimited addon domains and subdomains
Unlimited MySQL databases and e-mail accounts
10 GB total pure SSD disk space
1000 GB total monthly traffic
Free 500 Gbps DDoS protection
Daily and Weekly backups
1 account on server in New York, USA
1 account on server in Frankfurt, Germany
1 account on server in Montreal, Canada
1 account on server in Paris, France
1 account on server in London, United Kingdom
Clean IP addresses (not blacklisted by search engines and e-mail providers)
Separate whitelabel nameserver domains for each account
8-16 Intel CPU cores
FTP, FTPS Access
CloudFlare (optional, free)
Antivirus protection for all sites and email accounts
99.9% Uptime Guaranteed
Ruby On Rails
PostgreSQL & MySQL
Anytime money back guarantee

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Refund policy:
If you cancel 60 days after your order, you are fully refunded. If you cancel any time after 60 days, you are refunded for your remaining days of unused service.

Price for all 5 accounts:

Datacenter location:
1 hosting account in New York, USA
1 hosting account in Montreal, Canada
1 hosting account in Paris, France
1 hosting account in London, UK
1 hosting account in Frankfurt, Germany
Each hosting account has an IP in unique A-class ranges (all segments of their IP addresses are different)

You can host unlimited addon domains with each account.

Your domains
You can leave any or all of the following domain fields empty, if you don't currently have 5 domains ready. In this case, your 5 accounts will be activated without any main domain. To use the accounts, you can specify your main domains for them any time later from the client area. You can also add any domains and sites by using the "addon domains" section of cPanel.

Account 1 (New York, USA):
Main domain:

Account 2 (Frankfurt, Germany):
Main domain:

Account 3 (Paris, France):
Main domain:

Account 4 (Montreal, Canada):
Main domain:

Account 5 (London, United Kingdom):
Main domain:

Full name:



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All of our web hosting plans include these great features

Softaculous Scripts Installer

Softaculous is the leading Auto Installer with more than 330 great scripts, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, phpBB and much more. Softaculous is extremely popular in the Web Hosting industry and has helped millions of users to install applications by the click of a button.


Click here to see our video demo, displaying how you can install WordPress and other popular applications on your Network Panda hosting account, in only 1 minute, with Softaculous or Installatron one-click installers

cPanel with lots of additional features and plugins

cPanel is an easy-to-use control panel that gives web hosts, and the website owners they serve, the ability to quickly and easily manage their servers and websites. It is the most popular web hosting control panel, and the majority of web hosting customers prefer it for its simplicity and rich features.

Click here to see a cPanel Demo on our servers

username: npdemo | Password: passdemo

Amazingly fast SSD disks

We use not only the fastest CPUs, but also the latest and fastest SSD disks currently available in the market. They only need a second of time to read or write several gigabytes of data, which means that your site's file and database operations are completed in fractions of a second.

Unique Client Area

When you create an account with us, you will not find just another ready-made client area script that you find everywhere else, with only 2 or 3 basic features. Our in-house developed client area and support system script provides many unique features.
From the client area you can see and manage your services, reset your cPanel passwords, change the primary (main) domain of your accounts, download daily full account backups directly from our main or seconday backup servers, and restore your recent account backups directly on the server. You will also be able to change SOA records for your domains, open support tickets, whitelist IP addresses from the firewalls of hosting servers, perform various automatic troubleshooting tasks on your accounts, receive information about shared or private nameservers, and perform many other functions that will facilitate your day to day use of the services.

100% SSD Disk Storage

We use 100% pure SSD storage on all of our servers, and we thoroughly benchmark all SSD disks that we choose. With 900 -1500 MB/sec disk read/write speeds, your web site will be blazing fast!

Anytime Money-Back

If for any reason you cancel your account within 60 days after activation, you will be fully refunded. If you cancel after 60 days, you will be refunded for the remaining unused months of service.

Fast, professional support

Our service is so stable that you rarely need to open a ticket. But, if you ever need to do so we provide fast, friendly, professional support. Our average response time is five minutes and the average resolution time is ten minutes.

Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication for cPanel is available with all of our hosting plans. You can enable two-factor authentication so that you receive a new temporary login key on your mobile device when you attempt to log into your cPanel account. This protects your account from unauthorized access.

PHP Version Selector

The default PHP version on our servers is 5.5.x but if you need to run a script compatible only with older PHP versions, or use the newer PHP 7 it’s no problem! From cPanel you can set your version to PHP 5.4, 5.5, 5.6 or PHP 7 and 7.1. We have all of them compiled and installed. And best of all, you can use a different PHP version in each of your folders and for each script.

Clean servers and IP addresses

We have a dedicated team tasked with verifying that no malicious sites are hosted on our servers. Your hosting space, including your web files and email messages are scanned by ClamAV, AVG for Linux, maldet and CXS. Mod_Security and brute force protection by LFD keeps out anyone trying to find your cPanel, email, FTP, or WordPress admin passwords. Also, we check all of our IP addresses to ensure that they are not blacklisted by SpamHaus, or any other public spam IP list.

PHP modules

PHP on our servers is compiled with a lot of additional modules, including IonCube, ZendGuardLoader, SourceGuardian, OpCache, GeoIP, Mail, Mail_MIME, Net_SMTP, mailparse, htmldoc, FFMPEG, ImageMagick (imagick), GraphicsMagick (gmagick), GD Library, XML-RPC, cURL, intl, MimeMagic and dozens more. These modules serve the requirements of all currently known PHP scripts, but in case you need any additional modules, you can open a ticket to request their installation.

Multiple addon domains per account

With 2-10 GB of disk space you can host unlimited domains. There is no need to create additional hosting accounts and pay more for each domain. Keep all your domains in one place and pay less.

Shared or private nameservers

For your domains you can use our shared nameservers, provided with your activation message and knowledge base articles, or you can use your own, private nameservers with a large list of nameserver IP addresses we'll provide for you. You can also easily modify the SOA entries of your domains from our control panel.

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