DDoS protected web hosting

DDoS protected web hosting

DDoS protection is included with all of our hosting plans.

A DDoS attack aims to render a server, service or an infrastructure unavailable by overloading the server's bandwidth or monopolizing its resources to the point of depletion.

All of our hosting plans, in any location, include free 1000+ Gbps protection against DDoS attacks.

To protect your servers and services from attacks, our upstream networks feature a mitigation solution based on VAC technology - an exclusive combination of techniques to:
- Analyze all packets at high speed in real time
- Vacuum your server's incoming traffic
- Mitigate, i.e. singling out all the illegitimate IP packets, while allowing legitimate ones to pass through

Our DDoS protection is powered by equipment from the following vendors and providers:

Cisco solutions

Leader in network technologies, Cisco offers increasingly intelligent and reactive solutions to reduce risks and respond to datacentre security requirements - even the most demanding ones.

Tilera solutions

Tilera is a world leader in multicore processing. This computing power is put to the service of network intelligence, analysis and processing the flows in datacentres.

Arbor solutions

Arbor solutions offer full protection and simplified network management on all interconnected environments. They provide a bigger and better overview, actionnable information and proven protection, ensuring that network threats are detected and neutralised. Availibility of the network is thus guaranteed.

To detect the attack, we use the netflow sent by the routers and analysed by the Arbor Peakflow boxes. Each router sends a summary of 1/2000 of the traffic that is actually passing through it. The Arbor Peakflow boxes analyse this and compare it to the attack signatures. If the comparison is positive, mitigation is activated within seconds.
The signatures analyzed are based on traffic thresholds of "packets per second" (pps, Kpps, Mpps, Gpps) or "bits per second" (bps, Kbps, Mbps, Gbps) on certain packet types, such as:

IP Fragment
Private IP
Total Traffic

Thanks to the 3 Tbps network of our upstream networks, the infrastructure can absorb a huge quantity of traffic during attacks, which is far superior to the other DDoS protected services available.

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